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Glass bottom Boat in Sharm : Coral reef trip in Sharm.

The glass bottom boat trip at Sharm el-Sheikh, consider as one of the shorter trips to discover the beauty of The red sea world.

With availability of different times of this trip, you can choose your preferred time to tour by the glass bottom boat across the Coral reefs and Colored fish of Namaa bay area.

The gass bottom boat tour start by pick up from your hotel, then drive to the jetty or a beach in Namaa bay area. you will join the glass boat for a short sea tour with many stop to sea colorful fish and coral reefs.

By the end of glass boat tour, transfer back to your hotel in Sharm el-Sheikh

Glass Bottom boat cost adult 15 GBP

Glass bottom boat cost chlid  8 GBP



Tiran Island snorkeling by boat : Boat snorkeling tour to island Tiran : Day snorkeling trip in Sharm. 

Pick up from the hotel
We will come to pick you up from your hotel in Sharm El-Sheikh around 08.30, drive to marine jetty by air condetiond van.

Island tiran

The crystal clear waters around Tiran Island, between the Suez Canal and the Gulf of Aqaba, provide excellent diving and snorkelling conditions. Tourists may also explore the main island and its stunning beaches on foot. (due to currant condition)

In the deeper waters you can expect to see manta rays and barracuda, but even in shallower reefs like the Small Lagoon and Hushasha there is a variety of marine life.

Lunch On board
After your first snorkeling stop, we will provide our open buffet lunch, Soft drinks is included as well.

Back to your hotel in Sharm El-Sheikh
By the end of this great snorkeling day, you will go back to the marine jetty, our representative are wating for you to drop you off at your hotel.




Private Boat in Dahab : Boat trips from Dahab


Private snorkeling boat from Dahab, Snorkeling in the Blue hole, Lunch on board.

Transfer To Dahab from Sharm:

We will pick you up from your hotel in Sharm el-Sheikh, Then transfer by A/C van to Dahab city.

Blue hole snorkeling:

Upon your arrival to the jetty in Dahab, You will join the private Boat to the most famous site for snorkeling in Dahab, (the Blue hole)

Lunch on board:
Our Team will prepare lunch on Basis open buffet for you specially, and then you can continue snorkeling.

Back to the jetty:
Moving back to the jetty by boat around 15.30, a short city tour in Dahab for shopping or just to have a walk, Then transfer from Dahab to Sharm el-Sheikh.

Trip includes:

  • Transfer by A/C VAN (2 WAYES)
  • Lunch

  • Trip Details:
    Daily Trip Pick up time: (you can choose the time)
    Return: 18.30 Estimated Time

    Things to take with you:

  • Towels
  • Sun cream
  • Snorkel equipments
  • Sun glasses

  • Cost per boat 320 GBP (Maximum 10 pax)




    Private Boat in Sharm el-Sheikh  : Private Boat trip snorkeling to island Tiran



    Enjoy the excursion of luxury boat, Have a snorkeling at coral reef of Island Tiran or Ras Mohamed national Park.

    A private boat only for your Family a way of public Snorkel with mask or just swim in the red sea.
    Pick up from the h

    We will come to pick you up in a private transfer by A/C van, drive to the jetty 20 minutes

    Move by boat to the most beautiful points of the Coral reefs; you can snorkel or just lay on the deck.

    Our Team will prepare lunch on Basis open buffet for you specially, and then you can continue snorkeling.

    Back to the jetty:
    Moving back to the jetty by boat around 15.30, transfer back to your hotel in a private A/C van.


    Trip Details:

    Daily trip (You can choose the pick up time)

    Return: 17.00 Estimated time.

    Trip includes:

    • Transfer by A/C van (2 ways)

    • Lunch

    Things to take with you:

    • Towels.

    • Sun creams.

    • Snorkel equipments.

    • Sun glasses

    Cost per boat 350£ (Maximum 10 pax).



    Submarine trip in Sharm el-Sheikh : Coral reef excursion with Submarine.



    Join US for the funniest excursions under water, through 18 panoramic hublots windows of 100 x 125 cm, you will be able to contemplate, film and photograph these wonders in a secure, air-conditioned and comfortable atmosphere, seated in a movable circular armchair, The Seascop can welcome 34 passengers it allows for them to contemplate under all the angles, the coral reef, the colored fishes and abyss.

    Pick up from hotel as per the choosen time, drive for 20 minutes to the Sea Dock, join the Semi Submarine, drive back to the hote

    The Price Includes:

  • All transfers by A-C Van

  • Price per Adult 35 £
    Price per Child 20 £



    Ras Mohamed trip by Boat : Snorkeling tour to Ras mohamed  

    We run this snorkel tour on Friday, Sunday, Tuesday and thursday

    Pick up from your hotel in Sharm El-Sheikh
    After your breafast in your hotel, around 8.15 a.m. we will pick you up by A/C Coach or Van, drive to marine jetty, to join the snorkel group to Ras Mohamed.

    Leaving the Marine jetty to Ras Mohamed.
    After a short time of getting police premission, leaving to protected area of national park ras Mohamed

    Ras Mohamed Coral  Reefs
    In ras Mohamed national park, we have more than place to choose for snorkeling like:

    Jack fish Alley
    or Stingray Alley, is located on the north side of the Ras Muhammad Peninsula, The reef top is sand and has a sloping dropoff. There are many colorful reef fish like the emperor angelfish, regal angelfish, yellowband angelfish and pairs of bluecheek butterfly fish.

    Ras Zatar
    The reef at this site is similar but more contoured than Ras Ghozlani. It's basically a slopping wall towards the blue. This wall has many cracks and fissures forming some small caves.

    Ras Ghuzlani, a dive or a snorkel drift site from north to south or V.V.
    deppending on the current

    it's a coral garden on a sloop from 22 - 32 metters. there are lots of gorgonias, with lots of macro life around them. lots of colurfull soft corals, might be a sting ray at the reefs egd.

    Lunch On Board
    Lunch is provided on the boared of the boat, in the aftarnoon time.

    Snorkeling trip Ras Muhmmed includes:

    * All transfers by A/C Van

    * Lunch and Soft drinks

    * Entrance fees of National park ( 5 $)

    Ras Muhammed Snorkeling trip excludes:
    * Mask
    * Fins
    * Life Jacket

    Snorkeling trip Ras Mohammed cost adult 25 GBP

    Snorkeling trip Ras Mohammed cost Child 12  GBP

    Related Excursions

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    Ras Mohamed snorkeling by Bus  : snorkeling to Ras Mohamed by Bus


    We run this excusrion every day excpet Tuesdays  /Passport needed for this trip.

    Pick up from your hotel in Sharm El-Sheikh
    We will pick you up from your hotel in Sharm El-Sheikh by A/C bus, drive to National park of Ras Mohamed for approx. 40 Minutes.

    Snorkeling of the first stop
    Upon your arrival to Ras Mohamed, You will be able to snorkel at first stop (Suez Gulf reef), This a snorkel stop will be for one hour

    Visit Mangrove area
    About two hectares of mangrove forest cover a 1.1 km shallow water at the southernmost end of Ras Mohammad.
    Mangrove trees grow where no tree has grown before. They are able to survive inundation by salt water twice a day, and in "soil" which is unstable and poor in oxygen (anaerobic).

    Ras Mohamed's Crack
    Near the mangrove and approximately 150 m inland, there are open cracks in the land, caused by earthquakes. One of the cracks is approximately 40 m length and 0.20−1.5 m in width. Within the cracks, there are pools of water,
    Some with a depth of over 14 M.

    Magic Lake swimming
    In a 50 M from the Crack, located the Magic lake or as some tour guides call it (The lake of wishes), the Magic lake connected with the Red sea,
    Without Mask you will enjoy swimming for 20-25 Minutes.

    Snorkel of Aqaba Gulf.
    In the other side of Ras Mohamed, you will have anthor stop for snorkeling to enjoy some of Aqaba gulf reef. 

    Gazer the whole Ras Mohmed
    After a short climbing of steps-remain us with Moses mount steps-you will be able to gazer the whole protected area of Ras Mohamed and the Mangarove forests , even the western part of Sharm El-Sheikh(Hadaba), by a free telescope over there.

    Drive Back to Sharm El-Sheikh
    By the end of the snorkeling day of Ras Mohamed, Drive back to Sharm El-Sheikh,(Back to the hotel around 14.30.)

    Trip Details:
    Time From 8.00 a.m. till 14.00 (Estimeted Time )

    Things to take with you

    * Passport with a valid visa (Whole Egypt visa) please check with our rep

    * Towels - Mask & Fins

    *Sun hat

    * Sun Glasses

    * Sun Creame

    Snorkeling Ras Mohamed Cost aduly  20  GBP
    Snorkeling Ras Mohamed cost child   10  GBP

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    Boat Snorkeling trip island Tiran
    Snorkeling blue hole with jeep safari


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