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Exchange money in Egypt ι Banks in Egypt.


Egypt money

The official currency is the Egyptian pound (L.E.) – in Arabic, a guinay. One pound consists of 100 piastres (pt). There are notes in denominations of 5pt, 10pt and 25pt, but these are rarely spotted. The 50pt, E£1, E£5, E£10, E£20, E£50 and E£100 notes are widely used. There’s also a  E£200 note.

Coins in circulation are for denominations of 10pt, 20pt and 25pt, 50pt and E£1, but they seem to be almost nonexistent and are sometimes thought of as collector’s items.

Prices can be written in pounds or piastres; for example, E£3.35 can also be written as 335pt. In practice, however, vendors tend to round up, ­especially if you’re a tourist.

Small Change There is a severe shortage of small change in Egypt, and for tourists this small change is very important for tipping, taxi fares

Banks In Egypt :
in any place of big cities specially touristic ones, it's so easy to find a bank even inside your hotel.
Bank in Egypt working all days excpet Fridays and Sataurdays, and they open from 09.00 a.m till 14.00 for the normal bank treatments.
For exchange money there are some banks work for that porpse only till 22.00

Banks In Sharm El-Sheikh

In Hadaba (National bank of Egypt, bank misr, alex bank, Cairo bank, Arab-African bank)
In Namaa bay (CIB, Parkelez, HSCB)
In Nabek area
( HSCB, arab-african bank)

In which currency better to pay my Excursions.
The best currency to pay excursions is USD, while the GBP is widely used, for shopping it's better to use the Egyptain pounds

How i transfer money to Sharm El-Sheikh
the faster way to transfer money to Sharm El-Sheikh is Western unoin, Located in Namaa Bay

Is it easy to find ATM In Sharm El-Sheikh
In Namaa bay alot of Cash Machines, old Market as well


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