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River Nile in Egypt


The Nile River is actually 6695 kilometers (4184 miles)  in length. the Nile River is speculated to be the longest river in the world. The Amazon River runs a very close  as second in length,, although it has been difficult to determine which is actually longer. River Nile facts state it winds from Uganda to Ethiopia, flowing through a total of nine countries. While the Nile River is often associated with Egypt, it actually touches Ethiopia, Zaire, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and Sudan, as well as Egypt. It's only recent that the first known navigation team successfully followed the river from beginning to its end.

The name of the river i
The ancient Egyptain pharoahs called the river by word iteru, while the coptic called it later phiaro, while the name today came from the greek word nelios, means the Nile valley

Sources of The Nile
1- The white Nile comes from lake Victoria, Uganda
2- The Blue Nile Come from lake tana,
Ethiopia. ,

The role of the nile in Egyptain history
The Nile River has played an extremely important role in the civilization, life and history of the Egyptian nation. One of the most well known river Nile facts is the river's ability to produce extremely fertile soil, which made it easy for cities and civilizations to spring up alongside the banks of the Nile.

Major dams on the river

The major dams on the Nile are Roseires Dam, Sennar Dam, Aswan High Dam, and Owen Falls Dam.

The Major Egypt's cities on the Nile
We Can say that all the Egyptian cities located on teh River Nile, the most famous of them for tourists are Aswan, Luxor, Cairo, And Alexandria on rossta branch.

How Can i visit the nile for long stay holiday
The best way to visit theriver is a Nile cruise for 3 or four night between Luxor and aswan and V.V.
Unfortuently that, nowadays there is no Nile Cruise between Cairo and Luxor as was in the past, due to the hight cost of this cruise and the security precations.

How I can enjoy seeing the river, while i'm staying in Sharm El-Sheikh
You Can book one of a lot of vierties of Cairo Excursion for one or two day by coach or by air from Sharm El-Sheikh


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